Life insurance Advice in Wolverhampton

Looking for life insurance advice in Wolverhampton? If you’re in good health, it’s all too easy to think you’ll never need Life, Critical Illness Cover and Income Protection

But if serious illness or injury does touch your life, having the right cover in place to pay off your mortgage and cover the bills, will make all the difference.

Life Insurance is also referred to as Term Assurance. Designed to pay a lump sum or a regular income in the event of death over a term you choose, often in line with your mortgage.
It may pay your mortgage off in full, replace a lost income to your spouse, family or any other nominated beneficiary or simply provide a lump sum legacy for your family.

We will help you when others cannot

Many people think they won’t be able to get life insurance, or even if they can, they think it’ll be too expensive.

At Kingston Financial Services, we have a specialist life insurance team who are experienced in finding affordable cover for people who have found it difficult in the past.

You don’t need to spend valuable time approaching insurers who cannot cater to your unique circumstances. Instead, take advantage of our expertise to help you find the right insurer with our professional life insurance advice in Wolverhampton.

We find cover for over 45% of people who have been refused life insurance before.

We will treat you like family

Critical illness cover

If the worst happens and you are diagnosed with a serious illness…

Income Protection Advice

Do you need some income protection advice in Wolverhampton?…

Life Assurance Advice

If the worst happens and you are diagnosed with a serious illness…

Other Services

Kingston Financial Services provide whole of market independent advice….

Life insurance is all about the family and so are we.

When you speak with us you will find we will not talk down to you or blind you with life insurance jargon.

We’re motivated purely by what is best for you and those closest to you.


We will help you through the claim process

We only use insurers with very high pay out rates on life insurance claims.

We also provide a claim handling service to ensure that if your loved ones ever need to claim, we can help them through the process.

Make the most of our fee-free service today to protect the financial future of your loved ones.


Decreasing Term Assurance

This type of life cover is suitable for a repayment mortgage. Cover mirrors your mortgage and decreases at the same time. So, as your debt decreases, so does your cover.



Level Term Assurance

A more comprehensive cover, the cover stays at the same amount throughout the whole term. This is suitable for those with an interest-only mortgage or can be taken out in addition to a decreasing term policy to ensure once the mortgage is repaid your family also have a lump sum to help towards lifestyle costs.

Life insurance comes in many shapes and sizes. If you have any dependants it is the cornerstone of any family protection package. Kingston Financial Services can provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you and your lifestyle are protected if something should happen withour expert life insurance advice in Wolverhampton.

We can talk through the various options available to ensure you have the right policies in place within your budget.