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Critical Illness Cover

Policies vary depending on the provider, so it’s important to understand the differences. For example, the number of illnesses covered, definitions, partial payments and claims to payout ratios.

In the event of your diagnosis, money paid out from a Critical Illness policy could be used to help maintain your standard of living, pay off your mortgage and, if needed, pay for private healthcare.

Children’s Critical Illness Cover

Many insurers also offer Children’s Critical Illness cover in Wolverhampton at no extra cost. This protects children from 30 days to 18 years of age and up to £25,000 tax-free, per policy, per child.

This money could:

Enable you or your partner to take some unpaid leave to be with your child
Pay for private medical care and specialist equipment
Help to fund a special treat like a family holiday


Professional Income Protection Advice

Depending on your personal circumstances there are several ways to provide protection for your income. We agree that there is no point in putting in place any cover you do not need – but we are passionate believers in ensuring the cover you do need is fully in place.

Contact us today to find out how our income protection advice can help you to help yourself. We offer a no obligation service – so it will cost you nothing to find out your options. Don’t leave it until it’s too late.


Life Assurance Advice

Life assurance can help ensure the financial security of your dependents on your death. This security depends solely on the most appropriate cover being put in place. So to ensure the money you are paying for the cover will provide the security your family need and deserve, it is vital you take expert independent advice on your life assurance options.

Without independent advice on life assurance, you could be wasting money on cover which is not overly suitable for your circumstances.